Chelsey Lee

I am a Memphis based photographer specializing in a few different types of photography.. but biased to the four legged kind! I have a photography studio in Bartlett for the two legged kind only, currently.. but I am looking forward to opening my doors to fur-babies soon.

In the meantime, I am available to shoot on location.. Whether that be your home, your favorite park, or another spot that is near and dear to your pet's heart. I firmly believe that our pets are family members too and deserve lasting, timeless images that capture who they are as we really know them. After all, a pet's only flaw is that they don't stay with us for quite long enough.

I am 100% in love with dogs, and although I share my home with quite a few (self proclaimed crazy dog lady) one in particular has stolen my heart..


As you may have already guessed, this is the infamous blue Border Collie, Indigo. I have met many a dog in my day, but none quite like Indigo. With a heart of gold, remarkable gentle nature and a passion to please, it's easy to see why he makes friends everywhere he goes. We are currently having Indigo certified as a therapy dog and can't wait to share our adventures at Children's Hospitals such as Le Bonheur and St.Jude, right here in Memphis. 


In addition to my work with Indigo I also donate my time to non-profit organizations by photographing adoptable pets for websites. If you know of an organization that could use my services, please contact me using the contact link on this site, or email me at